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Don’t like visual novels? These games might change your mind

“It’s the game’s meditation on the nature of rebellion, its psychology and its costs, that really make it… The result rhymes hacking with psychology.” – Katherine Cross (September 25, 2018)

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This stunning 3D “visual novel” explores life in a future city-state circa 2029


“It looks like an engaging visual-novel experience, and a unique one, given its overt political themes, including such zeitgeist issues as immigration and surveillance.” – DJ Pangburn (Aug 28, 2018)

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Episode 150: Hidden Gems of PAX West

“A cyberpunk game from a marginalized creator who is explicitly trying to tackle some key themes that the best cyberpunk works do… It is such a flip of the traditional “orientalist”, exoticized [East], and it’s also meant to reflect the local scene has been overrun by power from outside, it’s a game about power relations and hegemony.” – Austin Walker (August 13, 2018) of Waypoint & Vice Games

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"[T]he themes of privacy, security, economic inequality, and technological empowerment should feel hauntingly familiar, timely, almost urgent to anyone who occasionally browses the news." – Conrad Armenta (April 13, 2016)

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A Weekend At INDIGO

"Despite its genre, there are no static screens to be found here. These urban spaces are constantly in motion, which aptly reflects the game's narrative and themes of ever-moving perspective and societal change." – Thomas Faust (July 4, 2018)

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BNP at Game Devs of Color Expo: Game Highlights From the Show Floor


"What sets the game apart from others of its kind is how players progress through the story: By making several choices which influence the various social groups in the game. These factions may share the same agenda, but have different stances on how to achieve them." – Chris Aiken (July 17, 2018)