A drama of love, citizenship, and the biotech revolution.

In a sci-fi surveillance society, youth hackers’ acts of resistance shape friends and factions fighting for their livelihoods. Using the power of “social hacking”, investigate the corrupt and change the people.

Face it. Change it.

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At 22 years old, Chloe is scouted by media and economic development agencies right out of school. But what she wants most is to reunite with her best friend and mentor, Rebecka, who has gone missing in Abraxa City. Her uncanny, rare hacking ability to manipulate identities and perceptions may challenge the very fabric of society’s laws and morals.

Can she find justice both in herself and in the world, that goes beyond barely surviving on the whims of the powerful?



A 20-year old Abraxan City local, Torrent helps youth to find housing and necessities in a tumultuous economy. This aligns with his spectacular hacking skills in travel and the obfuscation of data locations. He has messy family politics; From parents who support increased policing in Abraxan neighborhoods, to a brother who rouses dangerous street protests.

However, by connecting with new friends, can Torrent build rapport and help grow healthy communities?

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Rebecka, 31 years old, traveled to Abraxa City over a year ago to follow rumors of a conspiracy. She is a knowledgeable hacker who can MacGyver unusual code and cybernetics, and she nurtured Chloe on how to control her own talent.

With the city seizing up with increased borders and militancy, can she still be capable of protecting her friends and her people?  



A 24-year-old socialite, he is the eldest male heir of the Aldridge family. To everyone else in Abraxa City, Alden is the newest superstar to work with the controversial biotech conglomerate, NEXIR; To Chloe, he betrayed the democratic ideals that he espoused when they were dating.

Family, history, fame and home: Can he stay true to all of these creeds in a fragmented city?

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Dynamic storytelling experience

The camera hacks through a 3D architectural city space to reveal narratives, characters live and chat within a 3D space. This is no 20th century visual novel!

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Choices matter

Your negotiations, with or without hacked social data, influence the governance in the city... as well as how your friends and lovers perceive you. These relationships will remember your choices.

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Personable characters

Fashionable, handpainted characters from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life, all set in storied urban neighborhoods.


It’s the game’s meditation on the nature of rebellion, its psychology and its costs, that really make it… The result rhymes hacking with psychology.
— Katherine Cross, the Verge


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